Mission Statement

The Ohio Community Mediation Association provides a united voice for community mediation throughout Ohio.

Vision Statement

The Ohio Community Mediation Association will create a voice for community mediation in Ohio by promoting the values, awareness, and practice of mediation, and by fostering the growth and development of community mediation throughout the state.

Core Beliefs

We are committed to:

  • being change agents in the community and using conflict resolution processes to respond to community needs as articulated by the community
  • articulating the values and processes of community mediation
  • intentionally addressing social justice issues
  • building ways to listen that include the voices of the entire community
  • publicly advocating for clear, collaborative, inclusive, and fair processes in our communities, and articulating the issues that arise when such processes are not in use
Core Values
  • Community
  • Open access to conflict management/resolution services
  • Confidentiality
  • Self-determination - The community determines/defines what (quality) mediation is for their community.
  • Trust in people's ability to resolve their own conflicts